Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Discreet Charm of the Flash Pass

From The Billfold:
"Six Flags is constantly one dirty look from devolving into complete anarchy. It’s inhabited mainly by throngs of people who have been subjected to the sweltering sun, outrageous prices, sugary beverages, and the extreme dichotomy of 90 seconds of thrilling g-forces alternated with 90 minutes of existence-questioning boredom." 
Other than that, Matt Powers, what did you think of Great Adventure?*

*My NJ upbringing prohibits me from calling it Six Flags.


Max said...

We had Six Flags parks for some years (two I think), then they sold their parks. It helped to see a contrast to the beautifully designed parks like "Europa Park" or "Phantasialand". SF is just uncreative...
I found SF Discovery Kingdom (CA) being a mixture of animal cruelty and rollercoasters, no theming at all. So, yes, I share this opinion ;)

Eric said...

I always called it Great Adventure. Six Flags was a foreign entity, based out of Texas.