Sunday, July 10, 2011

What I Did on my Summer Vacation, or, Days in Rodanthe

I spent the last week on Hatteras Island, North Carolina. On the way to the rental house, I passed through a town called Rodanthe, setting of a Nicholas Sparks novel. I have not read "Nights in Rodanthe," nor have I seen the Richard Gere/Diane Lane-starring film adaption, but I did stop to take pictures of what, to me, was the main draw of the town- Waterfall Action Park.

Two Amazing Videos of Abandoned Parks

These two videos deserve more prominent placement than they'll get in the larger post I'm working on.  The first has been circulating for awhile now, but it's well worth watching again.

Six Flags over New Orleans never reopened after Hurricane Katrina:

Via Gawker, Joyland in Wichita, Kansas, which closed in 2004:

No Joy from Mike Petty on Vimeo.