Tuesday, May 29, 2007

$71 Well Spent

I just got back a wedding in Puerto Vallarta. I had a really great time drinking cervezas y margaritas and making the locals laugh with my poor command of their language and currency. Don't know why it was so hard to grasp the fact that 10 pesos equaled roughly one dollar, but it was.

Anyway, my friend Catherine and our new friend Holly and I decided to go on a Canopy Tour. This entailed us getting into a rickety truck (which began its life as a Russian military vehicle) and riding miles and miles up into the mountains via a one lane dirt road. I don't recommend doing it with a hangover, but I managed to survive without vomiting over the side. Yay, me!

After we arrived at the site and got into our harnesses, we we trekked up the mountain to the first zip cord. As you can see, I enjoyed it:

About halfway through the tour, I realized that this was like Mexico's version of the Park. The banter between the staff, the wacky antics of the video guy, the guides showing off for the cute girls... Then one of our guides broke out a Park classic- he dropped a bolt, which he had surreptitiously hidden in his pocket, as he was buckling the middle-aged lady from South Dakota onto the zip cord. He was all, "Where'd that come from? Ah, you'll probably be fine! Off you go!"