Monday, April 23, 2012

Stranger than (Science) Fiction

Cyriaque Lamar's post on the cannonball loop over at io9 included a lengthy quote from the COTA. I am delighted, as the site is a daily read for me and my go-to source for Doctor Who news.


Anonymous said...

It's also been linked to Reddit.

MG said...

Great article. I would always go to AP when I was younger and just last year, I went back to Mountain Creek. The park has changed a bit but my kids had a blast just as I use to.

If I remember, the Cannonball Loop re-opened in the mid/late 90s. Would I be correct in thinking that?


therese said...

You are correct, Mike. The Loop wasn't open often, but it was in operation until the park was sold.

John said...

I was a lucky survivor of the loop, and yes, 1 time down was enough. The extreme nausea I had after getting out was enough for me.