Friday, September 21, 2007

Polka your eyes out

Have I mentioned the Spa at Great Gorge before? It was the Park's upscale cousin. The company that owned both held onto it when they sold the Park off to the Canadians. They've sinced re-christened it Minerals. I worked in Member Services for a summer. The bar at Kites, the club's restaurant, was a popular evening destination for many Park employees.

If you happen to be in Northwestern NJ this weekend, stop by their 21st annual Oktoberfest. It is an excellent opportunity to drink beer in a field and listen to polka. The Jimmy Sturr Orchestra always brings it.


JoEy B said...

i find this blog really interesting, being to young to go to action park at the time it was open really pisses me off now its gay mountain creel, theres no places left anymore to really get a good old fashion thrill
i was wondering if u could give me some more information about attractions in the park at

Colleen said...

I know lots of ways he can get thrills. Oh he's straight edge.

therese said...

Yeah, sorry Joey B. As we remember things, they'll be posted here. And may I suggest you try parkour or roller derby for your thrills?