Thursday, April 03, 2014

Summer 2014: the Return of the Action

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A blast from the past: 'Action Park' is back for the summer


Travelsonic said...

Check this out: looking at a document on the minutes of an April 23rd, 2014 land board meeting, looks like the park has some big plans for the year - 2 years ahead alone.

The proposed go-kart track on the site of the old festival tents area is the one that has me the most excited - too bad if built it would only be around for a couple of years.

On top of the looping waterslide, they're also opening a new ride this year by the Red Tail Lodge - slide down an inflatable ramp, get flung into the air, and land in an airbag. It's called "Drop Kick." :D

It seems the Mulvihils are REALLY pushing to get Action Park at least back to the former glory so far as size, number of rides, and the DIVERSITY in the types of attractions they have... and I really look foreward to it... especially if we can eventually start calling it "The World's Largest Waterpark" again. hehe :D

Anonymous said...

Awesome... kinda. It's weird how so many years later I miss the danger of it all.