Monday, September 29, 2008

From the Police Blotter

Of all the rides I attended at the Park, the only one I actively hated was the Transmobile.  It was hot, it was boring and the office manager usually staffed it with losers.  Like this guy Ron.  When he wasn't in uniform, he sartorial choices ran toward track suits and Oakley Blades.  He was a Jersey dumbass in the Christopher Moltisanti vein.   In fact, the one solid memory I have of him is particularly Christopher-esque.   

One night, after the Park was closed for the day, he and another dude happened to be in the Spa parking lot as they were getting a beer delivery.  Ron had the bright idea to steal one of the kegs. (Kind of like when Chrissy and Tony stole the cases of wine in Pennsylvania.   Except they had guns.  And were fictional.)   Ron was promptly arrested.    He was still wearing his Park uniform, something noted in the local paper, much to the staff's delight and management's chagrin.  


Dann said...

Hello Therese.....Thanks alot for starting up this blog you are awesome and blah blah blah blah im sure you heard it before okay whatever we got passed that now.

I guess you could say im another one of those people who heard about action park recently and read up on it and quite like alot of people I stumbled upon this blog site!

....anyways I really like reading your stories on the insane happenings at acion park back when you worked there (which mustve been quite a ew summers! i think you said you started when you were 14 or so was still there when you 21...i might be wrong)

the past life of the park has obviously claimed legendary status somewhat, wish we had a place like that here in canada, although my brohter worked there at one point and he has some crazy stories about that place...
i noticed the blog seems a little bit slower these days but I hope that doest stop you from posting some more stories on here cause im sure you got alot more!

sorry about the long message but at least it gives you something interesting to name is Dann by the way

Anonymous said...

Ooh, Ooh. Any Video Boy stories, T-Rez?

therese said...

Anonymous, identify yourself! And thanks for reminding me- Video Boy stories to come!

And Dann, thanks for the kind words. There are more stories, but sometimes it takes some prompting to remember them!

Anonymous said...

Were you referring to "Radio Ron" - who called everyone a PF.