Monday, February 25, 2008

Another New Jersey Institution Needs Your Help

Okay, at the moment, the best connection I can make between WFMU and the Park is that they've both been featured in Weird New Jersey. They've both really shaped who I am today and they both probably shouldn't exist. But the Park did, and WFMU still does. And they need your money.

If the Park was open today, I would totally dive into the deep end of the Wave Pool and send them all of the loose change and jewelry I could scavenge. But it's not, so I'm just going to write them a check. You should too.

Don't beleive me? Ask the New York Times.


Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed reading all of the stories about Action Park First Aid! I worked there as an EMT from the Summer of 1983 till about 1987. Yes, the place was truly incredible and after twenty years later, I still can entertain a crowd with stories of Action Park. I was there for some of the greatest disasters such as the wave pool death, the death at the high jump, electricution on the kayaks just to name a few. I remember the large 1000 gallon aquarium at the entrance to Roaring Springs and how all the fish were killed off when the yried to reseal it from the inside! Oh the fond memories of life in Vernon during the '80s. Love to hear from former First Aid employees~~

Steve D said...

I just finished reading all the entries... I was at the park in the '80s... Probably mid to late 80's. Down my way they opened Action Ski Mountain in Pine Hill... which I'm assuming was connected somehow. Same color scheme for the name... same rides... etc. I worked there for a summer in 87 I think. I still got my shirt, but it's way too small at this point. :)

We didn't have any deaths that I know of, but alot of the same injuries... burns from the alpine slides and such. The water wasn't nearly as cold though. :)

Now it's a golf course...