Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Action hasn't stopped, it's just on hiatus.

My job is sucking my will to live right now, so much so that I'm thinking that an $8.50/hr (in 1995 dollars- adjust accordingly for inflation) office manager job would be a good career move. Please enjoy this park logo from the 80s until I dig out from under my mountain of work:

It's got some really nice movement, I think. Anyway, I promise I'll be back soon. With tales of porn and accounting errors. Though not in the same post.


Colleen said...

That is very 80s looking. I used to draw brightly colored triangles with deep shadows like that on shit (aka paper bag textbook covers) all the time in the 80s.

Anonymous said...

Most common things heard on the radio:

"Water World 1 to 200 Base, we need the MR-10 at the bottom of Springs"

"Switchbawd copy? What's the Q?"
"Not over the radio, Phil"

"Al to the Summit for a radio check!"

"Alpine 1 to 200 Base, Code Green, bottom of the slide"

"200 Base! Code yellow at Super Go's"

"Fast Start! Wait hold the light!" (On the Lola channel)

"Unit 16 to Bungee 1. Did someone just jump without a cord?!"

"Security! There is a large group of Canadians that were causing trouble in Water World just entering the base area"
"I don't see any Canadians, just a bunch of black guys"

tg3k said...

For some odd reason, I stumbled upon your blog. Never been to Action Park...never even been to New Jersey (except through the Newark airport), but just wanted to say I enjoyed the read. You have a fun writing style. I ended up reading the whole thing.

I hope the mountain of current work is under control.