Monday, August 06, 2007

Home Alone

If you worked at the Park and your parents were foolish enough to leave you at home while they went on vacation and you, in turn, were foolish enough to let your co-workers know, you could expect anywhere from 10 to 100 people to show up at your house every night for the duration of your parents' absence.

When it happened to me, I made the mistake of going grocery shopping BEFORE my home was invaded and as a result was hungry for the rest of the week.

A guy named John (or was it Brian? I always got those two confused.) who had two fish tanks in his family room woke up in the morning to find that the small fish had all been transferred out of their tank and into the other where they had been devoured by the larger fish kept there.

And then there was Dave. Dave's mom went away for a week and our entire department moved in. His neighbors had a motion sensor light on the side of their house closest to Dave's deck. We amused ourselves for hours each trying to see who could make it the farthest without tripping the sensor. You had to moooove verrrrry sloooowly and precisely to make any progress at all, and as this game coincided with beer drinking, most of us would only make it a foot or two before flooding the neighbor's yard with light. (Why they didn't call the cops on us, I'll never know.) Jamie made it all the way to the neighbor's house and most of the way back to Dave's deck before someone jumped into the sensor's field and sabotaged him. Very unsportsmanlike!


Melissa said...

Yeah, we'd invade these homes and sometimes stay all night. Occasionally, we'd even rinse out our sweaty uniforms and leave them on the lawn to dry. We thought nothing of eating and drinking everything in the house, but we never considered using the proper laundry facilities. Why is that? Oh, right. We were drinking.

CJ said...

Great blog guys! I am so happy to be reading this. I always tell people about this looping water slide from when I was a kid, and everyone tells me that I am insane or that I am making it up. After a while, I thought maybe I had imagined it. But alas, here it is!

My memories from the park are hazy, but I always remember wondering why people were not scared when they would jump off the tarzan swing. Didnt you come within inches of hitting the wall?

therese said...

Yeah, looking back as an adult, I often wonder why we didn't just throw everything in the washing machine. Guess there are some lines you just don't cross.

And CJ- Waterworld is out of my area, but I think that being scared on the Tarzan Swing was what caused you to come within inches of the wall. That is, if you didn't let go before you started to swing back toward the platform, you might have a problem.

Melissa said...

In all my born days, I never tried the Tarzan Swing. Mostly because the water was REALLY cold.