Friday, July 13, 2007

The Action Never Stops

Here's another Park commercial from the 80s.


Prominently featured are the Aerodium and the Rock & Roll Show, both of which could be heard from the mid-stations on the Slide. The Aerodium was run by a crazy German guy who liked to yell things like, "Up, Up, UP! You fly first class!" over booming dance music. The Rock & Roll Show how was an oldies musical revue- Doo Wop, 60s Girl Groups, etc. sung with ENTHUSIASM. Fun for the whole family! If your family is boring.


Melissa said...

I think that was Seth H. on the waterslide. He kept showing up in all the commercials. Wow, that commercial actually made the place look pretty good!

Colleen said...

was that dorothy hamill in the last scene? i kind of remember this ad.