Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A tale that is tangentially related to the Park

I'm having trouble with my Cannonball Loop post, so here's a little something to tide you over until I tell the story of the scariest ride ever:

One summer night, some of my Park friends and I decided to go to the Warwick Drive-in.* On the way, we stopped for provisions at Gary's, a popular bar and and packaged goods establishment. After paying for my six-pack, I stopped to say hello to a Park acquaintance named Charlie, who was seated in his usual spot. Charlie was my favorite drunk. It was rumored that he lived above the bar. At an All-Night Ski Party, I saw him slide headfirst down Surf Hill, through a fetid puddle of muck and leaves, and into a wall.

As we were chatting, a small man came out of the kitchen. He was sporting a Yosemite Sam moustache and in his hand were several sticks of dynamite- taped together, fuses braided, the works. Instead of cowering in terror, or trying to disarm Yosemite Sam, the majority of the bar's patrons started chasing him with their cigarette lighters.

I turned to Charlie, "Do you think that's real dynamite?"

"Probably," he replied. With that, I took my leave. The bar is still standing, so either Yosemite Sam was faster than all the drunks, or someone came to their senses and stopped the madness.

*Which is still in operation and currently showing Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez's Grindhouse. You should go. For reals.


Colleen said...

OMG! i want to go to the warwick!!!

therese said...

Anytime you want! I am always down for the Drive In.

coach38018 said...

The drive in. I lived in Woodhaven Estates, Wilder Drive which was the neighborhood behind the drive in screens. We could walk through the corn fields and enter for free, as long as you didn't mind just running past all the cars. The rule was don't stop until you made it to the concession stand. In the late 80's I don't know how the families of Warwick and surrounding towns could stand that place. On a weekend night it would be full of packs of teenagers drinkinga nd fighting, and certainly not watchingt he movie. And that was before the radio picked up the signal so you had to use those weird speakers that you hung from your car window. I do remember Star Wars and ET on top of the station wagon. Also worked at action park from 86 till 92. Anyone ever party with the foreign chicks and dudes that lived in the cottages across the street. High Five!!!!!!

therese said...

Hey Coach38018, I think I may have been to a party at your house. Possibly...

Speakign of the exchange workers- I had a HUGE party at my house during the summer of '91. (Mom & Dad, if you're reading this, sorry about that!!!) Most of them were there. They ate all my food, but whatever, it was a GREAT party.