Thursday, November 02, 2006

It all started with Wikipedia

Actually, that's not true. It all started when I was 14 and dissatisfied with my meager allowance. But we'll get to that later. For the purposes of this blog, it all started with Wikipedia. Specifically, this article.

Now, I used to work at the park in question. As did most of my friends. And while most of what was written in the article was probably true, or at least true to those who wrote the article, it really didn't cover my experience. Which was singular. And universal at the same time. It was nothing if not a giant contradiction. Which I will try to distill here. Hopefully, with the help of some of my friends who were there with me. They're the only ones who would want to read it anyway.


Melissa said...

Your use of the sentence fragment is effective. Bra. Vo.

JoEy B said...

i find this blog really interesting, being to young to go to action park at the time it was open really pisses me off now its gay mountain creel, theres no places left anymore to really get a good old fashion thrill
i was wondering if u could give me some more information about attractions in the park at

Anonymous said...

To illustrate the random nature of the universe.. im a New Zealander, who now lives in Australia, who only ever heard about Action Park because of an article on Theme Park Attractions which were dangerous! Specifically the Cannonball Loop, and so intrigued by the mystique of Action Park looked it up on Wikipedia, and then landed here...

I wasted easily 3 hours of my work day reading this blog from start to finish... and was totally captivated.

So I just wanted to say thanks!


therese said...

Thank you, Dwight! I saw that Popular Mechanics piece as well- two out of five for Action Park! I'm glad you enjoyed what you read.